Winter Triathletes – Swim training and Coaching with Kate Mason, Weymouth and Portland Dorset

Winter Triathletes, when the weather is getting colder and this is a perfect time to get to the pool and concentrate on your swimming for next season. In the summer we can head out the sea to practice open water technique, swimming in your wetsuit, turns, sighting  etc.

I can help you with the following and it can include some or all of the below, depending on your needs and the time of the year!

All of which can be pool or open water based depending on weather!

  • Technique/drills
  • Endurance training
  • Improving aerobic threshold
  • Starts , turns, sighting and drafting
  • Advice on correct equipment
  • Mental preparation
  • Phone & email support

The number of sessions will depend on specific requirements.

Please contact me to discuss your individual requirements.