2014 Swimming thoughts!

Posted on by Kate Mason

January already and this is the time for people to get organised in planning their swimming calendar, some of you will have already done this as booking swims and triathlon events have to be done promptly before they get full.

If you need help to plan your season this year or even one or two years ahead, let me help you?

English Channel swims need to be booked well in advance , and other long distance events e.g lake zurich 26k round manhatten island , around jersey all need to be planned for, not just booking your slot but planning your training.

I hope it will be an exciting and successful year  for everyone entering events , especially in weymouth for those entering the weymouth challenge event, and for people off to Switzerland for the lake zurich swim and the ironman.

I love this quote, always remember that:

Nothing great is easy (Captain Webb )

Enjoy your swimming ,


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